The Third Secret To Success: Belief In Yourself

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Whether you believe you can, or believe you can't you are right. Those are some powerful words right there, quoting Henry Ford of course, founder of the Ford motor company and pioneer of the internal combustion engine.Can you imagine the level of belief that the great people of years gone by must have had in themselves that the would achieve their goals and become successful? Just picture living in a world with none of the technology we are used to today, where the wealth people traveled about on horse-drawn carriages, yet you have the idea that you are going to create something like an engine to power vehicles without the need for horses. How crazy would people think you were?

Or how about Thomas Edison, who was adamant he was going to make an electric lightbulb - a mini-sun that everyone could have in their homes instead of candles. Edison reportedly took around 1001 attempts to get the lightbulb to work and is recorded as saying that he never failed 1000 times, he just found 1000 ways that never worked.

Even more fascinating is how Guglielmo Marconi could possibly conceive of the idea that he could transmit human voices over long distances through the air, to create what we now call the radio, when no such technology previously existed. This was so crazy at the time, that even his friends had him locked up in a psychiatric hospital because they thought he had gone crazy!

So what is the point of this you might ask? Well, what is the common feature among these men, all who went down in history as great success stories from their time? The thing that all 3 of these, and any other successful person you study, have in common is that they all have an unwavering belief in themselves - they have a clear defined goal and they truly believed that they would find the solution that they were looking for, and as you look around you in the world we now live in, you can see that they did. They decided that success was their only option!

Now, the problem that we have today, is that we are so interconnected and transfixed on other peoples life's that we see posted all over social media, that we begin to judge ourselves. We look at other people with the things they have, and what they are doing and who they are with, and we cast a shining light over them thinking that they are living  the dream life and that your life is rubbish. It makes us become self conscious about the things we do - am i good enough? what if people laugh? what if nobody likes me?

This has resulted in a generation of people who now lack in self belief because of this constant bombardment and pressure to try and impress people, but remember this - what other people think of you is none of your business!

Chances are people aren't even paying as much attention as you think they are as they are too worried about what people are thinking of them... that's right, you are not on your own here, the majority of the population think the same things! Those people whose lives you were admiring from their social media profile, they have the same issues, that's why they hand pick only the best highlight images to feature on their profile to give people the impression that they are living a successful, rich and abundant lifestyle and here you are thinking that they are living the dream!

For the ones that do have an opinion on you, good or bad, then good for them! let them have it... what someone else thinks of you does not change who you are or how you should think about yourself. If you want to become more successful, confident and focused, you need to work on your own belief system - you need to implement the principle of auto-suggestion (also referred to as applied faith) as described in Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich (available to DOWNLOAD FREE HERE), to reprogram your mind.

You see, your subconscious mind is a powerful tool that can help you to achieve phenomenal success, but you need to use it in the correct way. The subconscious mind is like a sponge - it is always listening and soaking up everything that goes into it - whether it's someone else or the words you say to yourself. The subconscious mind never sleeps and it is trained by repetition, so you must stand guard at the doors of your mind, because every thing that you experience and continue to experience will embed into your Subconscious and form a story that you tell yourself.

This is why we start life as kids, full of enthusiasm, keen to try anything with no thoughts to risk, then we go through life being beat down by people, getting told no, you can't do that, or you should't do this, that is naughty and you are a bad boy Johnny! This plants itself into our subconscious and becomes the story we tell ourselves, and this is where our limiting beliefs come from, the reason why we grow up thinking success isn't possible for us.

The good news is - it can be fixed!

How? you ask. Well, quite simply by the same way that you got broken in the first place. By telling yourself a new set of positive beliefs about yourself, that you can do this and you can achieve that. You need to create a list of positive 'I AM' affirmations and repeat them to yourself every single day until they soak into your mind and you realise that you are a winner!

Now, I have already written another article about how to reprogram your subconscious mind, so I am not going to go too much into it here, but if you want to read more on it, then you can check that out HERE, but I just want you to understand that if you want to achieve great things, be successful and live a life of purpose, then first of all, over anything else, you need to believe in yourself - you need to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to.

To finish on a quote from Napoleon Hill, 'Whatever the mind can perceive and believe, the mind can achieve'.

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