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How To Stop Overthinking - 10 Steps To A Calmer Mind in 2020

Do you often find yourself overthinking situations and worrying about the outcome? Perhaps you lay in bed at night struggling to sleep because you are overthinking a relationship problem, or perhaps how the next day at work will turn out.  Maybe it's that you constantly overthink what other people will think about you, what you look like, why you don't seem to be getting anywhere, what you are going to have for dinner next week - or maybe you even overthink why you over think! Okay, okay... so you get the point... The things is, in this current day and age, there is so much information coming at you from every direction, it's easy to get overwhelmed because your brain just can't keep up with everything. However, the good thing is that you realise that you are doing it - because it's impossible to fix a problem that you don't know you have. Now that you realise you are doing it, you can get right on to fixing the problem, and it just happens to be your luck day,

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