How Many of Your Biggest Problems Can You Solve?

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Think about the greatest challenges facing you right now.

They might be situational, thanks to everything that's going on.

Or they might be longstanding issues, like a phobia, a bad habit or a mindset issue.

Either way, you aren't alone. The number of folks doing it tough now or struggling with their own fear of failure is through the roof.

But just because it's a common problem, that doesn't mean you have to live with it.

In fact, that's all the more reason to set yourself free, rise about it and show others they can do the same.

And speaking of rising above it all:

Thinking of these challenges, how many do you have the answer to?

It sounds like a strange question. If you had the answer... surely you wouldn't have the problem anymore?

If you think that way, I invite you to challenge that.

Because I firmly believe you have all the solutions to all your problems. It's just a question of accessing them.

I can hear some of you objecting now. What if someone, say, breaks a leg? There's no solution to that, beyond giving it time and rest.

And, of course, plenty of folks are facing plenty of imposing circumstances beyond their control.

But is a broken leg the problem... or the discomfort and restrictions it demands?

Is isolation the problem... or is it the cause of real, deeper problems?

This is how two people can go through the same event. One crumbles, the other not only survives it but becomes stronger. Identifying the real problem, not the surface level version of it, is an important step forward.

This isn't easy. It's easier to blame circumstances - late payments from customers, "the economy", your health, your age, your kids - than it is to think about what you could have done, even in the face of all that.

It's hard, even when you want to.

But you can do it.

The secret is a shift in mindset, to stare uncomfortably at all your failings and decide to take responsibility for them.

I say "a shift", but the truth is it demands constant shifts. Every time you unveil and resolve your own limitations, you grow stronger... until you find another one blocking your path.

You are a never-ending project.

To do this, to make progress like you never have before, requires deeper thinking than your conscious mind is capable of.

That's why, to perform at your peak, coaching is great.

But the best thing for you is a fusion of coaching and hypnosis.

The coaching keeps you on track and accountable, while the hypnosis dissolves the barriers lying outside your conscious awareness.

If you're thinking that this sounds great and you'll get on it once covid blows over... well, you could do that.

But why wait when you can get started right now?

You can experience hypnosis in the comfort and safety of your own home - right now and at no cost:

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