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It is often said that our destiny is what we want it to be or what we make it. For those whose life does not or has not turned out the way they want or wanted it to be, that statement can be hard to accept. The trouble is there are powerful forces, namely Auto Suggestion or Self Hypnosis, at work day and night and, unbeknownst to most people, they are of vital importance to the direction we take in life.

We have all heard of the benefits of having a positive mental attitude but this is just one side of the coin... there is a more sinister side - that of the negative mental attitude. 

Whilst we would all conscientiously like to say we are confident; positive and happy in life, our subconscious mind is not that easily fooled. In much the same way as a fertile piece of soil is good for those perennial plants we like to place in our gardens, borders and plant pots, our mind can use positive subconscious messages to thrive. 

However, should you leave those plants unattended for too long, weeds will start to take over the place once occupied by your beautiful Roses - exactly the same is true of the mind: left unattended, negativity can creep in and, without any help from you consciously, slowly remove that positive vibe you once had. 

In self-hypnosis or autosuggestion, the individual learns to contact his own subconscious mind to produce apparently miraculous results. And yet are they so miraculous? Many ordinary people are able to wake themselves up in the morning by concentrating hard the night before on the exact time they wish to wake. Most readers of this book will have done this successfully at one time or another, and so will readily understand the power of autosuggestion over themselves. This power can be controlled and harnessed to useful ends, and like all other techniques becomes easier still with practice. 

The subconscious mind comprises nine-tenths of our mental capacity and power. The conscious mind is the thinking, reasoning mind. The subconscious does not reason. Its law of action is suggestion. As in the case of the deeply hypnotised subject, it displays no ability to accept or reject the suggestions of the operator, except the self-protective device described in Chapter Six. Otherwise, it accepts without question any suggestions which get to it with sufficient force through the censor­ship of the conscious mind. 

These suggestions may be good or bad. Unfortu­nately, most of the suggestions given to the subconscious are negative, rather than positive and constructive. These begin in early childhood when the individual is functioning almost entirely in the subconscious. The child has small capacity for critical judgment. He is largely the product of his environment, and the suggestions given to him. If told persistently he is a bad boy-no good-a disgrace to the family, his subconscious will accept this low estimate of himself, and organise his life in conformity. More men and women have been ruined in later life by adults, ignorant of the devastating effect of such negative suggestion, than by all other factors combined. 

On the other hand, a constant inflow of positive suggestion as to his good traits, marked abilities, certain success in life, will cause the subconscious forces to organise for self-confidence, health, success and happiness. 

The powers of destructive suggestion are such that innumerable cases bear witness to results of sickness, failure, misery, the distressing sense of inferiority, and even death. The powers of constructive suggestion have resulted in health, happiness and successful achievement in tens of thousands of well-authenticated cases. 

Now the best way for an individual to rid his subconscious of the negative impression of limitation, in­security, failure and sickness, is through self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion. Remember, the subconscious has not the power to reject suggestions which reach it. So, if you can fill your subconscious with constructive suggestions you will give it the stimuli not only to overcome the negative and destructive suggestions which have been implanted there, but to set in motion those creative forces and powers which will tend to produce the suggested constructive results. 

This law of self-suggestion is so obvious that it should require little to convince any skeptic of its power and you can help yourself immensely by consciously filling your mind with the positive outcome you wish to achieve and do all you can to banish those negative tendencies. This way you will do more for all of your prospects in life - be they personal or professional.

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