Are You Where You Want To Be In Life

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Are you where you want to be in life - financially, health-wise, relationships or your career? Silly question? I don't think so. I've asked myself this question dozens of times during my life and I have to admit more often than not the answer to one of the life areas was - no.

In life, you can only be one of three places (I'm being general here) - where you were or have been, where you are now and where you will be in the future. I know this might at first seem a bit confusing but think about it - for example - where are you now - in your car, your office your kitchen or backyard - the simple answers.

Where do you want to be tomorrow - the hard answers - because here's where it can get a bit tricky. But, keep this question in mind generally - don't get into the weeds about every single life area - just consider the bigger picture of your life. For example in the future - you want to be with someone or someone different, you want to be working somewhere else or retired, you want to be better off financially or you want to rid yourself of this current negative health condition that is plaguing you now - yes there are hundred's more questions like these - I used these to keep the process but not necessarily the results - simple.

Here's the challenge. You will ultimately be where today takes you - so if you want to be somewhere different tomorrow you have to take the action to get there - today. Fail to take it and tomorrow you will be in the same place you are now - and again to be clear - I'm not talking here about whether you are in your car or the kitchen, I'm confident if you are still reading you have figured out the subtleties I am trying to share.

So, where do you want to be that's a different place tomorrow? Go ahead take a minute and jot down a few items like - better or different; job, relationship, where you live, what you drive, who your friends are, how healthy you are, your financial condition- go ahead - write them down - as many as you can - trust me you can't get there if you are not clear about where "there" is. And why - well if you don't know what they are what do you think the chances are they things will change or be different tomorrow than they are today?

I will guarantee that everyone wants something better, new or different tomorrow in some area of their life - to be younger, to be with different people, to be living someplace new, etc. Whether it's a small difference or a major one is not the issue - what is the issue - is your willingness to either let go of the wish, goal, plan or desire - essentially give up or settle - OR to take the necessary moves or steps today to get there or to start to make it happen.

Why do people wish for something better or different and then do nothing to get there? Why do they settle? Why do they give up or in? Why do they quit? I could go on for hours or pages but how about just three (yes there are many more) quick reasons; 1) The fear of the unknown future - will it really be better or different or should I just stay where I am? Can I control the future? What if it doesn't turn out the way I hoped? 2)The fear of rejection or failure - what if I try and don't succeed?
What if I go for it and people laugh at me for doing so at this stage or time in my life? 3)The fear of success. What if I do go for it and get it or achieve it and it doesn't live up to my expectations or needs?

Here's the major problem that you are facing if you have any of these three fears - you are tending to define your future by your past or present; experiences, attitudes, outcomes, choices, etc. In other words, you have always struggled financially so why expect that the future will be any different. You have always been disappointed in relationships so why should you anticipate that the future will be better or different? Everyone, you know in your age group, gender, race, religion, etc. has never done what you want to do? Got it - with these mindsets you are letting the decisions or choices of others or your past rule your ultimate future.

No one knows what is around the next corner whether you are broke or a millionaire, stupid or the smartest person in the room, healthy or really sick, beautiful or handsome or ugly as sin, etc. No one knows how actions, choices, decisions or anything will be or turn out tomorrow. It's all about desire, faith, courage, passion, effort, and acceptance and yes - resilience, self-trust, patience, and hope. If you don't have these - stay stuck. If you have them - go for it.

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